TREE HEALTH – Tree Fertilization

What is it?

Fertilization technique that occurs via a soil probe that is inserted into the ground. This delivers liquid nutrients to the fine absorbing roots in the soil.


  • The soil we plant our trees in are usually not ideal
  • Low nitrogen Organic fertilizer helps to soften the soil and make nutrients available
  • Our fertilizer is USDA Organic and is completely safe for children and pets


  • We fertilize year round because we use low nitrogen fertilizers
  • Spring and Fall, we do add extra stimulants to our mix to prepare the tree for spring and fall
  • Typically Mycorrhizae is our most common additive which helps with water and nutrient absorption.
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Technician fertilizing a Honey Locust
Technician fertilizing a Honey Locust
Calculating fertilizer requirements
Calculating fertilizer requirements


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